Is It Downsizing Time?






Telecommunications Choices - internet/DSL, satellite/cable TV, satellite radio, landline phone, call waiting/caller ID/etc., cellular phone service:
Remember how not so long ago, we had only the phone and free TV and radio in our homes? Many of these other telecom services "crept up on us", added in one by one… And suddenly we awaken to find that we now consider them all essential! But there could be options that would eliminate some and still provide us with the modern (real) essentials for communication (and entertainment). Certainly more possibilities are always coming along…

Our overall telecom expense has become a major element in our monthly budget. It might be a good idea to get an overview of the telecommunications scene periodically to see if your mix could be tweaked profitably. For instance, most people assume that they need a landline phone, DSL, and a cell phone to get the services they want – but we know folks who have eliminated the expense of the landline phone and use a cell phone plus radiowave internet (and the cell is needed for a business, so it’s a tax writeoff, too).

Need to save cash? You probably don’t need caller ID or call waiting… even though they might seem a nice convenience.

You might not even really need both a land line phone and a cell phone. The idea of jettisoning one or the other could be worth looking into.

How about those great package deals that got you hooked in and went up in price after the first year? (Are you sure your favorite channels aren't in the basic package anyway? The cable companies may not even have told you about this "broadcast-only" option.) They say you can negotiate a reduction in your network fees if you talk to a few supervisors (after all, they don't want to lose you to another provider).

By the way, there are free online services that allow you to download a lot of TV shows. Try and - and some of the TV network websites.

For that matter, perhaps you could read more (borrowed books) and save a bundle on cable! (Add the monthly expenses up and multiply by twelve… Wow, huh?)

If we all thought more like financial consultants and less like "good consumers", I’m sure our savings accounts would have more in them! Maybe it's time to give your telecom expense a stern look in the eye?




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