Is It Downsizing Time?






Garage/Shop/Studio/Barn - many expensive tools, critters?, payment for and upkeep of the space:
Taking these outbuildings as they come… 

I’m willing to state that you don’t actually need a garage, per se. As a vehicle container, it’s a convenience, not a necessity (I live where it snows in winter and is hot in summer, and both our cars are parked outside – our small garage is used for storage of other things!). As protection for vehicles and people entering/exiting them, a carport does pretty well (but yes, a garage is definitely better). As storage space for "stuff", another type of room or shed would do. (Though attached garages are mighty convenient, if you need continual access to them from the house. Our pantry is out there.)

One consideration:  If you didn’t have your 3-car garage, you wouldn’t be so apt to buy all that stuff (vehicular or not) that you store in it, would you? It’s a thought, if you’re heading down the road to simplification. Your mortgage payments would be less, too.

A shop is a must for some – and a mere lure for others. If you or someone in your family really does do auto mechanicking, woodworking, or the like (and not just collect the equipment for it), you need a shop (with a heater, lights, maybe water). Otherwise… do you?

(Remember, the more outbuildings you have, the more insurance you need to protect them, and the more taxes you pay.)

The studio – what a blessing for an artist! Or a writer who can’t find privacy enough in the house. If it’s the answer to a dilemma, great! If not, see previous paragraph.

A barn implies farm equipment and/or critters. If you adore critters, or make (part of?) your living off of them, they’re a necessity in your life – and they need shelter. If you farm, you need equipment, and some place to store it (though I see plenty of farm equipment stored in carport-like sheds). If farming and livestock aren’t in your life, or are still in your life but are sapping your energy, you might be thinking in terms of a condo! – and it (or just about any other choice you make) will save you wear and tear and a lot of money, too.

Extra buildings can be a blessing. They can also be a liability in some ways. Try to figure out what you truly need in the way of outbuildings to fulfill your goals (which may have changed since you decided on your present home).




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