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In 2005, I took a trip to help a friend move from a huge, (elegantly) stuffed house into a smaller house (also stuffed, but no more so - i.e., after jettisoning a lot of possessions!).  As we planned for this (while I was still at home in another state), I realized that I knew a lot about moving that other people may not know... and I learned a whole lot more about downsizing, in particular, in the process of helping her.  As I found very little on the web that encapsulated all that people need to know, I decided to put it together myself... and this is the result.

I hope that it helps you find answers to questions, and useful advice about exploring, planning, executing, and taking off from downsizing (of any kind you're wondering about).  Naturally, much of what I have to suggest is practical, down to the smallest details - and I hope it might save you time, stress, and mistakes.  But I also believe that the process of downsizing can be revolutionary for the individual - transformational, as I put it in the logo I devised - and I have a feeling that a great many people will welcome it because of this (or discover this deeper layer of it with gratitude).  Whenever we reprioritize our lives, there is opportunity to slough off burdensome dross and reveal more of who we really want to be - and downsizing (essentially a creative process, I think) certainly provides a challenge to one's prioritizing abilities!

So I wish for you that you are able to enjoy your downsizing time, and that you find yourself well-prepared for whatever you decide to do, from both the practical and the spiritual angle.  Let it be an adventure!  (And if what I've written about here can help a little, that will be very good.)



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